Friday, February 19, 2010

Report from Haiti III

I am again debriefed with more information about Haiti!
  At six on Monday morning, Daddy left Santo Domingo (capital of the Dominican Republic) with 25 other team members from churches around the DR and the United Sates. Due to protests along the way, they had to make a detour and drive through sugar cane fields. It was only after they received directions from some of the locals on how to drive through the cane maze that they safely crossed the border. They unloaded the supplies they brought with them and went to bed. The next morning, the medical teams went to two locations, one where the contacts were no good and a scuffle broke out (our guys are fine), and the other where the joy of the Lord and the willingness to serve is apparent. In the latter location, the Haitians definitely needed physical aid, but they were also concerned with the training of pastors for their churches. This is what these first trips are all about, weeding out the bad to help where it will truly be needed and appreciated.
  On Wednesday, Daddy and some of the men went to two villages in the earthquake's epicenter, Jacmel and Bainet, to distribute necessities to the people there. He writes the place is devastated. Many still need medical care and there were 300 people registered to see Dad for treatment. There was no medicine. The people, however, were so gracious and thankful for what the Lord had given them. I suppose we could learn some things from the Christians in Haiti.
  Thursday consisted of delivering more supplies, including 500 tents! As I mentioned before, tents are gold in Haiti. After distributing what they had, Daddy returned to the DR with one of the members of the team who, I think, was hurt, but I am not sure.
  One thing Daddy kept mentioning was the organization of this trip compared to the last one. The team he went with knew what to do and how to do it, they found a good central location from which to disperse the goods, and made contact with promising people to further gospel. We thank God for Dad's safe travels and fruitful trip. I will be posting some more information on how to help and, Lord willing, more details from the trip soon. Thank you all for your prayers and keeping up with the reports!

Soli Deo Gloria,

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  1. I am so glad to hear that he is safe and they are well organized and helping people physically and spiritually Jenn! thats so great! We are praying and hope your dad will be able to do the Lord's work without tiredness and that he can help all those patients as the Lord wills. Miss you and praying!


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