Jenn's the name, and it names a rather eccentric, quirky, quiet, and ridiculously bookish girl who enjoys beauty and logic. Together. To put it properly (but never succinctly), the girl who here blogs is someone seeking to become fair and good and lovely, and to do so joyfully, no matter what it takes.

As you, gentle reader, will discover, my journey to becoming a fair lady involves a spark of literature, a smidgen of food, a touch of beauty, a hint of creativity, a smattering of quotes, multiple thesauri, a buzz of commas, and a lot of grace from God. Thankfully He is rich in it. Putting my quest to become fair together with what it means to be Jenn lands you with a picture of my life: I cook a lot, sing a lot, read a lot, write some, and think more. The way my varied interests are all coming together resembles the leftover stew I make on desperate Mondays, which always tastes good but remains full of surprises.

Beginning in 2014, I will venture into earning a health coach certification and a Biblical counseling certification, the combination of which will give me an interesting but (I think) complete(r) perspective on the worlds of physical and spiritual health. The idea is to set up a health consultation practice by the end of the year. But beyond and deeper than my interest in nutrition and food lies an intense delight in literature. Beyond and deeper than my plans for opening a health practice lies a dream of writing the history books nobody wants to read and teaching others how to write and read them for themselves. It would be a pleasure to write and teach writing, so I am working quietly on that in my own way.


But before being Jenn, and before becoming a fair lady, I am a Christian ~ a child of God ~ only through His incredible grace and unmerited mercy, based on His faithful promises and completed works. He defines the "fair" in fair lady and creates the "Jenn" I hope one day to be. It is only by becoming more like His Son and my Saviour, Jesus Christ, that I will ever become myself, free and bound to Him as is best. He completes me and makes my path straight. Honestly, this whole business about becoming a fair lady is really just a flowery way to say that I want to look more like Him. Thank God He is doing the work in me for His glory; otherwise I would be nothing fair and probably use even more commas.

In order to better conform me to the image of Christ, God has seen fit to put me in a tremendously loving family that straddles two languages, three countries, and a hodgepodge of cultural edibles. Seriously, the food mix around here is fantastic. So are the hobbies. And that leads to craziness. And that's what I blog about. But, really seriously now, my parents and my brother and my church family have taught me so much about our Father and how to be His hands and feet, His beloved witnesses, on earth. 'Tis an honor working and living and laughing and crying with them. That is, after all, what Family is about.

And her family

Other things you ought to know about Jenn:
~ She does not like animal crackers or birthday cake
~She believes in Oxford commas
~She unabashedly reads too much Lewis and Tolkien
~She wrote an 115-page something entitle "Mustard to Freud", which is fair warning for whatever shows up on this blog
~She is making a woefully pathetic attempt at learning French and will consider herself happy when she make trilingual puns
~She is positively miffed that Google will not let Blogger set autocorrect to UK English
~When nervous or confused, she refers to herself in the third person, even though she is "I" and not "it" (go figure).
~She is rather a failure when it comes to figuring out Blogger without using the aid of Google (oh, the irony).
~She truly enjoys life and writing about it.
~This is a bit of a stretch but, believe me, she actually does know when she rambles on for too long.

The End

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