Tuesday, January 15, 2013

A Review of Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Tolpin

"I am a Christian."
"I am pregnant."

Angie Tolpin in Redeeming Childbirth transforms these two seemingly disconnected statements into a stunning picture of what childbearing can be, one of faith, courage, growth, and worship. The point of the book is not to talk about doctors or midwives, meds and hormones, diet and exercise, but to speak about God's purpose in and through birth. With a vision of bringing "every thought captive" to Christ, Angie writes readers through the many fears society has implanted in the concept of birth and communicates the assurance God provides for every expectant mama. Most importantly, she brings together the reality of your faith and the reality of your motherhood. This means that when the world rumors fear, God breathes trust. When others scream pain, God whispers joy. When people recount trauma, God enables praise. 

Her message completely contradicts that which most expectant mothers are going to hear during their pregnancy because her message is one of hope in the Father, the One who designed birth in the first place. She infuses her book with the fact that God did not make birth in vain - nothing about it is pointless - and that He has a unique plan for each Christian mama that will bring her closer to Him. If there were two main words in Redeeming Childbirth, they would be sanctification and worship, for Angie desires to encourage her readers with the truth that God uses the childbearing experience to especially prepare and sanctify mothers into women who can love Him more, serve Him more, and unite with their husbands to train their babies in His way. But this requires surrender and this requires worship. The book takes mamas through areas in which they need to relinquish and trust God for what He will do through them, constantly bringing the reader back to His mercy and love and, above all, purpose.

As a mother of six, Angie has the understanding needed to speak to mums about this. Her understanding is one of wisdom as well as sympathy, for she always has a good word to offer her readers while also knowing the realities of what pregnancy and birth can bring. She is clear about the lies spread by the world and compassionate for the frightened or hurting mom. And her message is full of joy, joy that is found in God and God alone. Therefore, Redeeming Childbirth empowers women to have their babies. Of course, it is not the "empowerment" that most women talk about when it comes to birth, but the real empowerment that the Maker of birth gives to His daughters. Pregnant mumsies are going to leave the book refreshed, encouraged, and prompted to seek their Savior above all.

Topics include the Creator's design of a mamas body for His design in birth, morning sickness, the reason for pain, the importance of community in birth, the blessings and necessity of fatherhood, strengthening marriage during childbearing, sisters and mothers, and much more. There is something for everyone in this book, I promise. Besides sporting a clear and loving tone, Angie washes her writing in Scripture and sprinkles each chapter with sincere prayers for mothers reading it. Supporting this important message is a beautiful layout with sweet pictures that truly makes looking at and pondering on the book an aesthetic delight. Yep. I highly recommend it. Can't you tell?

"But wait, Jenn. Just hold up there. What are you doing reading this? You aren't pregnant - you're not even married!" While this is true (mhm), I can still affirm that reading this book is excellent for young women who do not hear wedding bells ringing in their foreseeable futures. Think about it. If you were going to run a marathon, would you just show up to the race without having gotten physically, not to mention mentally, fit? If you were going to cook a really stupendous dinner, don't think you think you would at least read a Betty Crocker Something? Or say you were going to climb a mountain. You'd definitely get some training in before the ascent. Well, childbearing is like that. Sometime or other, most women are going to have a baby, and it is so important for the Christian to go into it with the confidence in God's will that only He can give. She needs understanding to trust. She needs knowledge to surrender. She needs to comprehend a bit of God's design so she can fulfill this mission with joy in Christ. This book tactfully and honestly brings readers to a better realization of God in pregnancy and labor. It talks about Redeeming Childbirth. Besides, let's be honest, we girls are going to hear a lot about birth before getting married. Or pregnant. And most of it is going to be really negative, coming from a culture of death that does not understand the beauty of birth as part of God's big picture. Why not get a Biblical perspective for a culture of life? Beginning now?

One last thing. Redeeming Childbirth screams Sola Scriptura. Angie has a balanced viewpoint, not balanced in an innocuous way, but balance on Scripture. I just love that about it.

So yeah. Stop reading me and read the book!!! Did I mention it is for sale on Amazon as of today?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Redeeming Childbirth

Hello, my friends! I am breaking the silence to bring you tidings of a marvelous new book on childbirth. Redeeming Childbirth by Angie Tolpin is not about exercise, diets, and breastfeeding. It is about God and you as a mama. It is about the "so much more" of childbearing. The book hits Amazon tomorrow, and I would highly recommend you go and see it for yourself.
Come by here tomorrow for my review of the book!
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Have a blessed evening (morning), ladies. :)