Friday, February 12, 2010

A New Discovery

Good morning, ladies!
Today I was introduced to a website run by two Christian young women, Breezy and Emily Brookshire. Besides having a blog, they publish darling sets of paper dolls. Each doll is fashioned after a great Christian woman in history like Abigail Adams, Idelette Calvin, and Katie Luther, etc. What a wonderful to a little girl you know or stow-away for your hope chest! It turns out that, for the moment, the proceeds of their enterprise will go to Rescue Haiti's Children. I think it is a worthwhile visit, if any are interested. 
Oh, and I heard about this on Jasmine's blog. She always has something interesting to share!

Have a lovely day!

Soli Deo Gloria,


  1. hey Jenn!

    I love your new blog! Yes I love what Emily and her sister are doing for haiti. I may not be painting or anything to earn money, but I am praying and doing other things to help. Its encouraging to see others doing the same!

  2. Oh, fun! I come to my blog and somebody actually commented!
    I just heard about these two sisters and I find their work simply charming. I especially like their choices of the ladies they showcase in their paper doll collection.
    And yes, we can do all our part by completing the tasks before us and praying for those poor, dear children in Haiti.


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