Tuesday, October 8, 2013

IL CP Gathering Day Two

No pictures tonight! But I know innumerable snapshots have been snapped in the last twelve hours, so photos are on their way. Really.

But I am here to write about what we did. 

Today was hangout day. You know those gathering days that start out kinda awkward because you know you are supposed to really like everyone but you have no clue who they are even though you are living with them for a week? But by the end of the day all the clumsy shoe-staring and throat-clearing and need-for-cricket-button is gone, because you realise you really do like everyone? Yep. That was today. 

For some of us girls , the day started bright and early - actually, not bright because it was too early - as we went outside to let the goats out of their pens, the chickens out of their coop, and the dogs out of their cages. Across endless corn fields the sun was rising, ever so boldly as its face burst over the horizon. It was sharp cold outside, and my flip-flopped toes were frozen and I felt so at home. Good start to a good day.

We followed a breakfast of baked oatmeal with a viewing of a Worldview Academy DVD. Bill Jack talked about “The Seven Habits of Highly Suppressive People,” reminding us as Christians that only God through His Word can change the hearts of people who have suppressed the truth (Romans 1). The talk gave us an encouraging and solid context for the studies and interviewing to come. 

When the talk ended, we each dispersed to do various morning necessities such as playing Ultimate, going for walks, and texting, and calling parents. I went for a walk and called my parents. Oh, and my walking buddy was Master Jacob. Yes!

At 10:30, Austin went to pick Naomi up from the airport and then headed to Chipotle, where the rest of the gang met up with them to eat a good Mex lunch. And guess what? Guess???? Okay, fine, you can’t. I ATE! Like, I ate Chipotle’s food, not my food. Carnitas and guacamole never tasted so good. Thank you, GAPS! 

(If you did not understand those last few sentences, it’s okay. Most people wouldn’t. :P)The drive from the Harrison Homestead to Chipotle is about 45 minutes, which provided an ample amount of time to get to know each other in a hot, sweaty vehicle. We talked about music, where we all came from, the merits and demerits of various radio theatre dramas, and purple zebras. Okay, so we did not talk about purple zebras, but you believed me for one teensy second; I know you did. 

When we returned home....what did we do? Oh, yes. Most of the crew went outside to play all sorts of games: Ultimate, soccer, and who knows what else. They did that all. afternoon. I, on the other hand, stayed inside and baked the cookies that Megan, Emily, Naomi, and Cassie whipped up, plus talked with Mrs. Harrison while catching snippets of John Piper’s Finally Alive in between times. It was fun! And one by one, the girls joined me so that soon chocolate chip cookie smell danced around the kitchen and Mexican lasagna warmed in the oven. 

Supper over, we played a group game of Empire ~ or the Family Game ~ depending on who you are. Everybody thought Essie was Seaweed. But she wasn’t. She was Fuzzy. And she won. So, yes, Queen Esther really was Queen Esther tonight. And if I have to sing the Jeopardy Theme Song one more time....well, I would be very good at it after all the practice we CPers got. Suffice it to say that Empire is a very decent ice-breaker game. 
Now comes homemade ice cream and chocolate chips (ice cream sandwiches, anyone?). And bed. 

But first. Well....this was too good to not record and post. 
Master Jacob and I, as I mentioned, went on a walk this morning. Here are snippets of our conversation. So, yes, siblings are amazing. Because you can have conversations like this:

Master Jacob: Look at that dumpster!Jenn: That is quite the dumpster, indeed!Master Jacob: Yeah, it is the beautifulest dumpster ever and the only one I have seen in all my life.Jenn: Really?Master Jacob: Yeah. And look at all the stuff in it! Isn’t that the best junk ever? All this stuff we don’t need anymore. So we put it in this beautiful dumpster...

Or deeper conversations like this:

Master Jacob: Go faster!Jenn: I can’t go faster because you are a big boy, Master Jacob. Master Jacob: But look at my boots! They are so high off the ground!Jenn: Yeah, but you are a big boy. And you are going to get taller really quickly. Remember how we said last night that you were going to be taller than me soon? Because I am not going to grow an inch more. Can you believe that?Master Jacob: Oh, I don’t want to grow any taller, though. Jenn: You don’t? Why? So that you can still get piggy back rides?Master Jacob: Yeah! But I know I still need to grow because God wants me to.Jenn: Yes. Yes, He does want you to grow, Master Jacob.Master Jacob: I think you are going to grow, too, Jenn! Because God wants us to grow. Jenn: You are right. He does want us to grow, but did you know that He can make us grow in other ways, too? We can grow kinder and more obedient-Master Jacob: And more nicer and ‘spectful and more asking...um...more asking to Aunt Julie when we want to do something.Jenn: Right!Master Jacob: And more kind - I mean...I can grow kind of...I mean I can grow to be kind of less mean. Jenn contemplates what the English language does to a poor kid. Master Jacob, recovering himself: Oh, and we can grow more not-hiding-in-a-box when we take something we shouldn’t. Jenn, obviously grinning: Very true, Master Jacob.Master Jacob: Yeah, but I sometimes make mistakes. Jenn: So do I! But did you know that when we confess our mistake - tell God what we did wrong and ask forgiveness for it and ask Him to change us so we don’t make that mistake anymore - then God promises to forgive us! Master Jacob: Jenn, did you know that Jesus died to pay for our mistakes? Jenn: Yes! He died to cover all of our mistakes before God.Master Jacob: And did you know that He rose again, Jenn?Jenn: Yes! He is alive today to help us make less mistakes so we can grow to be more like Him!Master Jacob: Yeah...so that I can grow! Like Aunt Julie says, so that I can grow to be a godly man like Uncle JC. Uncle JC is a godly man, and Aunt Julie says I can grow to be a godly man, too. Jenn: Yes, God wants you to grow into a godly man. Master Jacob: Yeah. Can we go home now? I need to go to the bathroom. Can we go faster?


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