Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dominican Republic 2013: Part Six

This is supposed to be a quick-ish update. I know not if it will actually turn out to be quick, but, hey, I had good intentions...

As you might recall, Sunday offered us a tug-of-war between three churches, and we had yet to decide which church to attend. Well, we solved the problem by going to all three (doink). Daddy preached on Nehemiah in one church while the rest of the team members walked to Pastor Hector’s church (Iglesia Biblica del Nuevo Pacto, New Covenant Bible Church) where we enjoyed an amazing worship service through singing, preaching, and prayer. Pastor Hector is actually a highly-sought bassist and he believes that the Church’s music should reflect the object of our worship, God, as much as is possible. I know it is cliché, but I say it with all sincerity: we tasted a little bit of Heaven to our Father singing with our brothers in sisters in Christ. The sermon, by God’s grace, matched the singing, and we learned about faith lived out practically as defined in Hebrews and exemplified in Daniel. 

After the morning service, we returned to our apartment where they dropped me off to rest and eat and...do stuff. Everybody else went to a restaurant to celebrate Dominican Father’s Day, and I hear the food was lip-smacking good, involving steak, salmon, mashed potatoes, rice, beans, salad, and Spence O’Neill. 
For some reason they named the lobster Spence...

My food was good, too, just sayin’. And while they were away I worked on some un-disclosable projects, played music, and organised sets of books to give away to the church leaders who take Daddy’s classes. A perfect Sunday afternoon.

That evening, we hit the third church on our roster, Iglesia Biblica del Señor Jesucristo (Bible Church of the Lord Jesus Christ). I spent much of my time here when I lived in the DR, for it was our church home as well as Daddy’s office as well as Mumsie’s classroom as well as the school where all the children I knew attended. Apart from seeing all the familiar faces and listening to a good sermon, all of us girls on the team enjoyed seeing the impressive number of  deaf people sing along with us, in their own language, a silent but full worship.

When the service closed, Daddy and Ricardo took us out for some of that Dominican Gelato I was talking about. There were so many fun flavours from which to choose! Yep, Jenn loves going out for ice cream and seeing what people get. Of course, it had grown so late that the four girls either got quite loopy or quite quiet, depending on personality, but we stayed for a while so that Daddy could make plans with Ricardo. When we finally crawled into bed, our eyes were set on leaving the city the next day. Off to the country we would go!
*Country means no internet. So I will see you in a week!

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