Friday, March 23, 2012

Giving Girls Their Hearts

It has been one long week, friends! But, thanks to my friend, Hannah, the cyber silence is once again being broken. This post is a rally, a calling, an entreaty to help two girls have hearts. Hearts that work. Hearts that throb and feel and pump like yours do and mine. Actually, let me correct that last sentence. These darling hearts do feel, they perhaps feel loved and scared and uncertain. But their hearts do not work, and this has to be mended. You may have browsed Hannah's blog, Loving Dangerously, to which I link on my sidebar. There she frequently (much more frequently than yours truly) recounts the joys and struggles of working with little ones in EA. This kind of story about life and death is not new to her, but each story is real, human, and needy. Listen to what she says below:

One of my friends, Lindsay Adams, and I are raising money for the surgeries of two little girls who live at the foster home here. Lydia and Tabitha. They each have a heart disease, and are in need of surgery. We are doing this in honor of two little girls, Liu Yi and Paige, who touched our lives and are now with Jesus.Paige was my little pixie. Her heart stopped in September. She was six months old. Paige would have turned one two days ago [March 18], and so in honor and in celebration of her life, I am determined to raise money for Lydia's surgery. Lindsay has chosen Tabitha, in honor of Liu Yi, whose fourth birthday would have been this month.So, here is my question, nay, request. Would you be willing to help us?

Hannah and Lindsay have launched a blog where they will post updates replete with pictures and stories. Equally important are the YouTube video Lindsey made telling the story of Julia and Liu Yi and the YouTube video Hannah made about Paige. Please take the time to watch them. Also, I have added a button to Becoming a Fair Lady's sidebar to remind us of this cause, as well as a link which you can click should the Lord guide you to aid financially. When it comes to the cold, hard facts, it is money that pays surgeons. Whether that happens or not, please do pray. Remember there are lives hanging in the balance every day, lives closer to us than many of us would care to think. Let us help, pray, and embrace these children as real persons with the loving arms of our Father. 

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