Monday, December 5, 2011

Feminism, Revolutions, and Wikipedia

    Recently, my days have been full of the past four hundred years as I study for my Western Civilization II test. Today it falls to me to brush off my French Revolution books and do some memory refreshing. In this studious frame, I googled *gasp* the Wikipedia article *another gasp* on the subject. After all, Wiki is helpful.
    Amidst all the spilling of blood and chopping of limbs, this specific article gave me a few good laughs. About feminism. Obviously, the Most Knowledgable Author had more of a Women's Lib bent. Two sentences in particular made me chuckle:

"A woman’s education often consisted of learning to be a good wife and mother; as a result women were not supposed to be involved in the political sphere, as the limit of their influence was the raising of future citizens."

    Oh, horrors! I only get to raise the next generation of world leaders! Where on earth is my influence??? Dear me, folks, can you not see the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world? What is more, have you ever pondered how much "education" one needs to be a good wife and mother? See, I just had to laugh.
    And then, again, the writer claims a woman is a feminist "by virtue of the fact that she [is] a woman working to influence the world." Is that feminism? Well, then, sign me up! I intend to influence the world for my Saviour by His work through me. What a joy He uses women just as much as men, that He knows how both work best, and values them as His children; not like some people pushing the feminism agenda of double-bondage and stress. You see, both involve servitude, but one is a joyful servitude of new life and purpose, the other is an unnatural slavery to a system which brings Brick Wall to Forehead. Ouch!
    Becoming a Fair Lady is such a freeing thing, don't you think?

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  1. Lol...I wonder if by the same logic a man trying to "influence the world" would also be considered a feminist too. Incidentally, that would make Hitler, Stalin, Pot, Khan all feminists too. Rather weak defintion if you ask me.


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